Okay 18 Domains! Software purchased

Not sure why I started this blog. I think its my way to document this online business journey.

I hope my sarcasm is appreciated. As I am usually a smart ass with a big grin! Billy Braxton was just linked today. He is my FB pseudonym. (I didn’t really want to put all my failures out to those I ACTUALLY know). I figure this is a 50 percent effort at being 100% honest with myself!  Yea!   lol    Anyway,    was up all night frantically spewing my thousands of ideas. Needless to say we dont have much printer paper left in the house. (Printer is the first place i go to grab scrap paper UGH! wasteful)     So,  I am more educated on what can be done. I realize the mountains ahead of me are ten times larger than I realized. Oh and they are filled with wild animals and the greenery is as thick as the amazon!!  I will make it through… I was motivated to write this today (3AM est) after seeing an email notification that I am up to 3 followers LOL….Actually that’s 300% more than expected because this is more like a diary on becoming the greatest internet marketer hehe…. Someone rather inspiring started following. Not sure if it is actually read or if they are just selling motivation BUT it worked. I am motivated!….. Several more Ideas have come up. I am seeking a few of the big guys and gals. We need to pull together and fully develop the affiliate marketing union. This will be done one day and I have a calling to bring it together. I think we need a lobbyist in every state and a few in DC. Too many lives dangle on the end of Google’s search engine… Kids are fed or go hungry based on how Google decides what information is important!.. I typed in my roommates web address… It did not appear until I typed the secong to the last letter (its an adult site so dont go there if easily offended!)   But i typed Sneekaroun into the search field before Google found Sneekaround.com!  Seriously?   The name is spelled wrong, so its not like it got lost is the vast of words beginning in “SNEEK”   (I think sneeze was more popular  lol.  Anyways, I have learned from such errors and am damn determined to get it right!    Audiobooks, youtube videos…vimeo, adobe tutorials etc…. I will get at least one of my sites done properly and found on the top of googlies search ;ist this year!…. So if you are still following and you listen as well as I speak then we an do business together. (I am a great listener too)  Social work for ten years, but I have a lot to spew before I will be fully comprehend  lending hand or two. : )

Well have fun, BBACK and email me for a good time LOL  We have a union to start… I think every union member should get paid a dollar for every member they sign up. They will get it every time a referral PAYS their dues!   Not bad if you get a few hundred people making a 5 dollar union fee a week    that would be about 2k a month extra income… Lets get together affiliates and take back some power. Or stand online steamrolled by the  search machine!    The AMU can be 10K strong by Summer 2015!   (conservatively)


Like a turtle.

16 Domains! ONE published! (Its a forwarded domain name) but eh….published! well, I have dicked around with xara for several weeks. I like it but of course i have to try the adobe cloud deal. Hint Grab your kids, niece/nephews or neighbors report card and pay student price. I dont know why I would have to pay “as if” I am a non-student. Does watching 60 hours of their detailed tutorials count as educational? (yet to be seen) If not then I am a pro at the 20 something professional programs and can barely create a header!. Next up, creating a navigation bar! I did purchase hosting finally. The hosting came with a free domain. Sooooo, I despise all this cloud crap (dont know why) but I have my laptop and when I want to use my desktop for gaming or netflix i dont want to have to look at my synced work from the laptop!.. I could turm it off but i chose syncingcloud.com Appropriate, based on how i feel right now. Anyways, screw the cloud and clear this fog i live in!

Procrastination Wall

15 domains owned

0 domains developed!

well, 1 site is forwarded to the client. The other 14 are perfectly named for rich material, inspiration, and attractive to all age ranges. yet, they remain self parked.

So many choices available for web design. However, I do not have patience for the “wonderful, easy, fast and free”, web design sites. I do like the software that allows for offline development.

I have been watching you tube videos, google requirements to be found via search. I am realizing the company has too much power! Googles research, enterprise, good deeds, and great jobs are all wonderful.(If you are a national chain or have had a site for 5+ years. New companies claw to establish themselves. Small businesses However, the company is so large it busses its employees into SF. The people of SF can no longer afford to live there. Businesses of 20+ years are forced to close. The cost of business has tripled. Rent went from 1200 to 3600. I dont know about most, but I dont have a product that will profit 3600 for rent, employees and my own living expenses!   Why would I want to struggle in a shop when google has made sure we can struggle to build our site at home?

This isnt intended to be a rant. Its probably the frustration of all the low cost “per month” expenses. 39.99 host, 5.99 for this 3.99 for that  etc etc etc….It adds up and I haven’t even published!   then adwords??  seriously?  come on… I now understand why people feel scroogled. The affiliate marketing is wonderful and yes overcrowded, but its income lost, it no longer provides opportunities for the disabled, stay at home parent etc. Shame shame… The google video that says advancements have happened extremely fast, but it should be like the days when there wasnt a “home depot”.  Google feels we need to “Cut down our trees to buid a house”.   Come on people. we are not a third world country and if I hear we should be grateful because we arent haitian, ethiopian or some other struggling non-parallel country , I will scream.  Start comparing us to england, france ,canada, denmark blah blah blah. Actually, those “third world” countries would benefit from old school search status. Scroogled and stuck.   

I remember someone asking me. If i was in the hospital in pain with a broken leg (calling a nurse for my med) and the guy next to me lost his leg. Does that make my leg hurt less? hell no… Yes  i am glad i have a leg to hurt! However, just because i have a leg,  it doesn’t make my leg hurt less nor does it mean i deserve to be refused pain medication. I eat cake in front of diabetics…sorry! I am just as scroogled as them!